6666 Unique Bad Girls
In Metaverse


  • Phase One


    Launch Bad Girls Initiative first part (Faces) NFT project.


    Donate 15% of all profit made in initial sales to the International Rescue Committee and Helen Keller International Foundation!


    List our project on Rarity.tools!


    Randomly pick 100 BGI part 1 owners and send them a real poster of their artwork!

  • Phase Two


    Deposit 10 ETH to our community fund.


    Start the Creation of Bad Girls Initiative second part (Upper body)!


    Start designing BGI merchandise and will be revealing a surprise for all holders of BGI part 1!


    All holders of the Bad Girls Initiative first part (Faces) will get a 50% discount on Bad Girl Initiative second part (Upper body)!

  • Phase Three


    Launch our online shop for clothes, hats, and accessories.


    Deposit 5% of profits in our online shop to the community fund and donate 5% of profits to the charity!


    Create our secret base in Metaverse that all the bad girls can join and have fun there!

Meet our Team

Arthur Founder

Sean Artist

Vivian Artist

AriesCutie Artist

Jenny Co-Founder

Leo Marketing

Jerome Marketing

KV Engineer


You are welcome to think that Bad Girls Initiative is a reflection of a trend before it was made a trend, an Era that was long gone yet still repeating, a mask that reveals what's below, an art that comforts the disturbed and a shard of rebellion that is in every one of us. The Bad Girls Initiative is a chance for us to make the world a better place. Not only to set the art free from prejudice and confine of imagination, but also to help foundations that need these donations. It is a call for us to join up and simp together for a better tomorrow.
With art depicting beautiful women, we would like to help the women in need in the real world right now, and all mothers around the world that require the resources to take care of their family. The International Rescue Committee helps people who are from different places to survive, recover and rebuild. Especially now, when certain countries are struck with instability and uncertainty, the IRC is in the frontline to help them. The Helen Keller International partners with the community to solve poverty by delivering the essential building blocks of good health, sound nutrition, and clear vision.

You can check out both of the foundation's work here:
International Rescue Committee
Helen Keller International
We are challenging the art itself. Erotic and sexualized art are often considered inferior and shy on speaking. Despite that, we all know erotic video accounts for 20% of all mobile searches and around 15% of all internet use, yet it is still frowned upon. We believe that anything that can inspire emotions, no matter if it is happiness, awe, or lust, is an art that is worth celebrating. We are taking a step further and using these beautiful artworks to make the world a better place.
NFT as a medium can help us deconstruct and reconstruct what is considered a trend. With different types and amounts of accessories, makeup and attitude imbued on the artwork, we can truly set it free from imagination.